WebObjects 5.4.2

Package com.webobjects.eointerface

Interface Summary
EODisplayGroup.Delegate The EODisplayGroup.Delegate interface defines methods that an EODisplayGroup can invoke in its delegate.
EOWidgetAssociation.WidgetPlugin.Formatting The Formatting interface defines the basic methods needed to enable setting and getting formatting for a display object.

Class Summary
EOActionAssociation Deprecated.  
EOActionInsertionAssociation An EOActionInsertionAssociation object inserts objects from one display group into another.
EOActionWidgetAssociation EOActionWidgetAssociation is an abstract superclass for associations that invoke methods on objects in response to an action in a user interface widget
EOActionWidgetAssociation.ActionPlugin ActionPlugin is an abstract superclass for plugins that provide a layer of abstraction between user interface widgets and EOActionWidgetAssociation subclasses.
EOAssociation An EOAssociation maintains a two-way binding between the properties of a display object, such as a text field or combo box, and the properties of one or more enterprise objects contained in one or more EODisplayGroups.
EODetailSelectionAssociation An EODetailSelectionAssociation binds two EODisplayGroups together through a relationship, so that the destination display group acts as an editor for that relationship.
EODisplayGroup An EODisplayGroup is the basic user interface manager for an Enterprise Objects Framework or Java Client application.
EOMasterAssociation EOMasterAssociation is the abstract superclass of associations that link a master display group with a second, "child" display group.
EOMasterCopyAssociation An EOMasterCopyAssociation object synchronizes two EODisplayGroups that share the same data source but have different qualifiers.
EOMasterDetailAssociation An EOMasterDetailAssociation object binds one EODisplayGroup (the detail) to a relationship in another (the master), so that the detail display group contains the destination objects for the object selected in the master.
EOMasterPeerAssociation An EOMasterPeerAssociation binds two EODisplayGroups together in a master-detail relationship, where the detail EODisplayGroup shows the destination objects for the relationship of the master EODisplayGroup.
EOPickTextAssociation An EOPickTextAssociation takes the value of its display object's plugin, a EOValueAssociation.ValuePlugin or subclass, and uses it's string value to form a qualifier with up to three LIKE operators, each compared to a different key of the EODisplayGroup.
EOTableAssociation EOTableAssociation associates the contents of its SourceAspect's display group with a NSTableView, JTable or an EOTable (an object that places a javax.swing.JTable in a scroll view), via the repective WidgetPlugin's.
EOTableAssociation.TablePlugin TablePlugin communicates with a UI widget (NSTableView, JTable or EOTable, for example) on behalf of an EOTableAssociation.
EOTableColumnAssociation EOTableColumnAssociation associates display group(s) with a table column, via the repective WidgetPlugin's (subclasses of TableColumnPlugin).
EOTableColumnAssociation.TableColumnPlugin TableColumnPlugin communicates with a UI widget (Cocoa's NSTableColumn or JFC's TableColumn, for example) on behalf of an EOTableAssociation.
EOTextAssociation EOTextAssociation is used as an association for displaying text values, with widgets such as NSTextFieldCell or JTextField.
EOTextAssociation.TextPlugin TextPlugin communicates with a UI widget (NSTextFieldCell or JTextField, for example) on behalf of an EOTextAssociation.
EOTreeAssociation EOTreeAssociation is used as an association for displaying hierarchical object trees, with widgets such as JTree.
EOTreeAssociation.TreePlugin TreePlugin communicates with a tree UI widget on behalf of an EOTreeAssociation.
EOValueAssociation EOValueAssociation is used for associations that display a single value object in a widget, with the value usually being editable.
EOValueAssociation.ValuePlugin ValuePlugin communicates with a UI widget on behalf of an EOValueAssociation.
EOValueSelectionAssociation EOValueSelectionAssociation displays an attribute or to-one relationship value in a display object that offers the user multiple choices and the option of choosing just one of those choices.
EOValueSelectionAssociation.ValueSelectionPlugin ValueSelectionPlugin communicates with a UI widget on behalf of a EOValueSelectionAssociation.
EOWidgetAssociation The EOWidgetAssociation is the superclass for all associations that connect to user interface widgets.
EOWidgetAssociation.WidgetPlugin WidgetPlugin is an abstract superclass for plugins that provide a layer of abstraction between user interface widgets and EOWidgetAssociation subclasses.
EOWidgetPluginRegistry The EOWidgetPluginRegistry maintains a mapping from widget plugin classes to association and widget classes.
EOWidgetPluginRegistry.WidgetSetPlugin Abstract super class for plugins that handle the widget set specific task of displaying alert panels.

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