WebObjects 5.4.2

Class D2WSelect

  extended by com.webobjects.appserver.WOElement
      extended by com.webobjects.appserver.WOComponent
          extended by com.webobjects.directtoweb.D2WEmbeddedComponent
              extended by com.webobjects.directtoweb.D2WSelect
All Implemented Interfaces:
WOActionResults, NSKeyValueCoding, NSKeyValueCoding.ErrorHandling, NSKeyValueCodingAdditions, NSValidation, Serializable, Cloneable

public class D2WSelect
extends D2WEmbeddedComponent

This Direct to Web reusable component displays a select component.


D2WSelect { [action=anAction;] dataSource=aDataSource | list=anArray; [displayKeys=keyArray;] entityName=nameString; [pageConfiguration=configurationName;] selectedObject=anObject; };


action - the action method to invoke when the user clicks Select or Return.

dataSource - an EODataSource containing the objects the user can select from.

list - an array containing the objects to display as a list.

displayKeys - the properties of the entity to select (NSArray). You can also represent the array as a string: "(prop1, prop2, ...)".

entityName - the name of the entity for this record (String).

pageConfiguration - the named configuration containing the Web Assistant settings for this component (String).

If this binding is not specified, the "*all*" configuration for the select task and the entityName entity is used.

selectedObject - the object the user selects with this component or null if no object is selected.


 mySelect : D2WSelect {
     entityName = "Movie";
     selectedObject = displayGroup.selectedObject;
     dataSource = displayGroup.dataSource;
     action = selectAction;

See Also:
Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class com.webobjects.appserver.WOComponent
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface com.webobjects.foundation.NSKeyValueCodingAdditions
NSKeyValueCodingAdditions.DefaultImplementation, NSKeyValueCodingAdditions.Utility
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface com.webobjects.foundation.NSValidation
NSValidation.DefaultImplementation, NSValidation.Utility, NSValidation.ValidationException
Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface com.webobjects.foundation.NSKeyValueCodingAdditions
Constructor Summary
D2WSelect(WOContext aContext)
          Constructs a D2WSelect with the specified context.
Method Summary
 EODataSource dataSource()
          Returns the EODataSource containing the objects displayed on the page.
 NextPageDelegate newPageDelegate()
          Returns the new page delegate.
 Object selectSettings()
          Returns the settings for the page.
 void setDataSource(Object newValue)
Methods inherited from class com.webobjects.directtoweb.D2WEmbeddedComponent
actionPageDelegate, awake, findTarget, setActionPageDelegate, synchronizesVariablesWithBindings
Methods inherited from class com.webobjects.appserver.WOComponent
appendToResponse, application, baseURL, bindingKeys, canAccessFieldsDirectly, canGetValueForBinding, canSetValueForBinding, clone, context, debugString, descriptionForResponse, ensureAwakeInContext, frameworkName, generateResponse, handleQueryWithUnboundKey, handleTakeValueForUnboundKey, hasBinding, hasSession, invokeAction, isCachingEnabled, isEventLoggingEnabled, isStateless, logString, name, pageWithName, parent, path, pathURL, performParentAction, pullValuesFromParent, pushValuesToParent, reset, session, set_componentUnroll, set_unroll, setCachingEnabled, setValueForBinding, setVariableValueForName, sleep, takeValueForKey, takeValueForKeyPath, takeValuesFromRequest, template, templateWithHTMLString, templateWithHTMLString, templateWithHTMLString, templateWithName, toString, unableToSetNullForKey, validateTakeValueForKeyPath, validateValueForKey, validationFailedWithException, valueForBinding, valueForBooleanBinding, valueForIntegerBinding, valueForKey, valueForKeyPath, valueForNSArrayBindings, valueForNSDictionaryBindings, valueForNumberBinding, valueForStringBinding, variableValueForName, variableWithName
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public D2WSelect(WOContext aContext)
Constructs a D2WSelect with the specified context.

aContext - - the WOContext.
Method Detail


public Object selectSettings()
Returns the settings for the page.

the settings.


public NextPageDelegate newPageDelegate()
Returns the new page delegate.

newPageDelegate in class D2WEmbeddedComponent
the NextPageDelegate.


public EODataSource dataSource()
Returns the EODataSource containing the objects displayed on the page.

- data source with objects being displayed.


public void setDataSource(Object newValue)

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