WebObjects 5.4.2

Class WOCompletionBar

  extended by com.webobjects.appserver.WOElement
      extended by com.webobjects.appserver.WOComponent
          extended by com.webobjects.woextensions.WOCompletionBar
All Implemented Interfaces:
WOActionResults, NSKeyValueCoding, NSKeyValueCoding.ErrorHandling, NSKeyValueCodingAdditions, NSValidation, Serializable, Cloneable

public class WOCompletionBar
extends WOComponent

See Also:
Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class com.webobjects.appserver.WOComponent
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface com.webobjects.foundation.NSKeyValueCodingAdditions
NSKeyValueCodingAdditions.DefaultImplementation, NSKeyValueCodingAdditions.Utility
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface com.webobjects.foundation.NSValidation
NSValidation.DefaultImplementation, NSValidation.Utility, NSValidation.ValidationException
Field Summary
 String align
 String backgroundColor
 String barColor
 String border
 DecimalFormat numberformat
 int showedValue
 int value
 int valueMax
 int valueMin
 String width
Fields inherited from interface com.webobjects.foundation.NSKeyValueCodingAdditions
Constructor Summary
WOCompletionBar(WOContext aContext)
Method Summary
 void appendToResponse(WOResponse aResponse, WOContext aContext)
          Forces the component to generate its interface and output it in the response's content.
 boolean inProgress()
 String notInProgressBackgroundColor()
 String notInProgressColor()
 int percentNotValue()
 int percentValue()
 boolean synchronizesVariablesWithBindings()
          Indicates if the push-pull of values in the parent component is enabled.
Methods inherited from class com.webobjects.appserver.WOComponent
application, awake, baseURL, bindingKeys, canAccessFieldsDirectly, canGetValueForBinding, canSetValueForBinding, clone, context, debugString, descriptionForResponse, ensureAwakeInContext, frameworkName, generateResponse, handleQueryWithUnboundKey, handleTakeValueForUnboundKey, hasBinding, hasSession, invokeAction, isCachingEnabled, isEventLoggingEnabled, isStateless, logString, name, pageWithName, parent, path, pathURL, performParentAction, pullValuesFromParent, pushValuesToParent, reset, session, set_componentUnroll, set_unroll, setCachingEnabled, setValueForBinding, setVariableValueForName, sleep, takeValueForKey, takeValueForKeyPath, takeValuesFromRequest, template, templateWithHTMLString, templateWithHTMLString, templateWithHTMLString, templateWithName, toString, unableToSetNullForKey, validateTakeValueForKeyPath, validateValueForKey, validationFailedWithException, valueForBinding, valueForBooleanBinding, valueForIntegerBinding, valueForKey, valueForKeyPath, valueForNSArrayBindings, valueForNSDictionaryBindings, valueForNumberBinding, valueForStringBinding, variableValueForName, variableWithName
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equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


public int value


public int showedValue


public int valueMin


public int valueMax


public String width


public String barColor


public String backgroundColor


public String border


public DecimalFormat numberformat


public String align
Constructor Detail


public WOCompletionBar(WOContext aContext)
Method Detail


public boolean synchronizesVariablesWithBindings()
Description copied from class: WOComponent
Indicates if the push-pull of values in the parent component is enabled. Returns whether a nested component pulls all values down from its parent and pushes all values to its parent before and after each phase of the request-response loop.

This method returns false for stateless components and true otherwise. Override this method to create a non-synchronizing, stateful component (return false ), or a synchronizing stateless component (return true).

synchronizesVariablesWithBindings in class WOComponent
false if this method creates a non-synchronizing component, true otherwise
See Also:
WOComponent.valueForBinding(String aBindingName), WOComponent.setValueForBinding(Object aValue, String aBindingName), WOComponent.pullValuesFromParent(), WOComponent.pushValuesToParent(), WOComponent.isStateless()


public void appendToResponse(WOResponse aResponse,
                             WOContext aContext)
Description copied from class: WOComponent
Forces the component to generate its interface and output it in the response's content. Component objects associated with a response receive this message during the last phase of the component request handling, or when returned by a direct action method. In the append-to-response phase, application objects (particularly the response page instance itself) generate the HTML content of the page. WOComponent's default implementation of this method invokes the appendToResponse method on the root WOElement object of the component template, which in turn invokes appendToResponse. Subclasses of WOComponent can override this method to replace or supplement the default behavior with custom logic.

appendToResponse in class WOComponent
aResponse - the HTTP response that an application returns to a Web server to complete a cycle of the request-response loop
aContext - context of a transaction
See Also:
WOComponent.invokeAction(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext), WOComponent.takeValuesFromRequest(WORequest aRequest, WOContext aContext)


public int percentValue()


public int percentNotValue()


public boolean inProgress()


public String notInProgressBackgroundColor()


public String notInProgressColor()

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