WebObjects 5.4.2

Package com.webobjects.eodistribution.client

Interface Summary
EODistributionChannel.Delegate This interface defines the methods that can be implemented by the delegate of EODistributionChannels -- mostly to handle exceptions.

Class Summary
EOAttribute EOAttribute is the client-side representation of an attribute, containing the information relevant within Java Client.
EODistributedClassDescription EODistributedClassDescription is the Java Client equivalent to EOClassDescription.
EODistributedDataSource EODistributedDataSource is a concrete subclass of EODataSource (defined in the control layer) that fetches using an EOEditingContext as its source of objects.
EODistributedObjectStore An EODistributedObjectStore functions as the parent object store on the client side of Java Client applications.
EODistributionChannel EODistributionChannel is an abstract class that defines the interface for objects handling the communication of data between the client and the server in a distributed Java Client application.
EOHTTPChannel An EOHTTPChannel is a concrete implementation of an EODistributionChannel which handles communication between the client and server in distributed Java Client applications using the HTTP protocol (POST commands).
EORelationship An EORelationship describes an association between two entities.

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