WebObjects 5.4.2

Package com.webobjects.appserver

Provides the WebObjects application server, session management classes, component classes, and classes to manage the request-response loop.


Interface Summary
WOActionResults The WOActionResults interface is the return type for direct actions.
WOApplicationMBean Register this Mbean with the JMX MBean server to monitor a WOApplication instance.
WODisplayGroup.Delegate The WODisplayGroup delegate offers a number of methods, and WODisplayGroup invokes them as appropriate.
WOStatisticsStoreMBean JMX interface for WOStatisticsStore

Class Summary
WOAction Interface for Direct Actions
WOAdaptor The WOAdaptor class serves as the abstract superclass for all WebObjects application adaptors (e.g., the adaptor running on the application side).
WOAdminAction This class is intentionally undocumented.
WOApplication The primary role of the WOApplication class is to coordinate the handling of HTTP requests.
WOApplication.Event This is a subclass of WOEvent used by the WebObjects runtime to collect pageWithName events.
WOAssociation The WOAssociation abstract class declares the programmatic interface to objects that represent the values of WebObject attributes, as specified in a declarations file.
WOAssociation.Event The WOAssociation.Event class is used to time value assignment/retrieval at the component level.
WOAssociationFactoryRegistry Default implementation of WOAssociationFactory that implements a registry of WOAssociationFactory objects that handle the actual creation of WOAssociation subclasses.
WOComponent WOComponent objects dynamically render web pages (or sections of pages) at runtime.
WOComponent.Event The WOComponent.Event class is used to time various operations at the component level.
WOConstantAssociationFactory Abstract implementation of WOAssociationFactory that implements creating constant and keyvalue associations.
WOContext A WOContext object lets you access objects and information that define the context of a transaction.
WOCookie WOCookie is used for the creation and setting of cookies in response objects.
WODirectAction WODirectAction is an abstract class that defines the interface for direct action classes.
WODisplayGroup A WODisplayGroup is the basic user interface manager for a WebObjects application that accesses a database.
WODynamicElement WODynamicElement is an abstract superclass for classes that generate dynamic elements: Either objects executing an operation (repetitions, conditions) or objects rendering themselves in any type of markup language like XML, HTML or PDF elements.
WOElement The WOElement class is the abstract superclass of all objects that represent static and dynamic UI elements on a template page (for example, XML, HTML, WAP, PDF, etc... elements).
WOEvent WOEvent is a subclass of EOEvent (defined in the EOControl framework) that serves as the parent class for objects that gather information –such as duration –about various operations in WebObjects.
WOHTTPConnection The WOHTTPConnection class is intended to be used as a client for HTTP communications.
WOKeyValueAssociationFactory Abstract implementation of WOAssociationFactory that implements creating constant and keyvalue associations.
WOMailDelivery WOMailDelivery constructs and delivers email messages.
WOMailDelivery.ThreadedTransportSender Intentionally undocumented.
WOMessage WOMessage is the parent class for both WORequest and WOResponse,and implements much of the behavior that is generic to both.
WOMultipartIterator This class represents the content of a multipart/form-data HTTP request.
WORedirect WORedirect is a subclass of WOComponent that may be used to force the user's browser to redirect to another URL.
WORequest A request object represents an event that requires a reaction from a WebObjects application.
WORequestHandler WORequestHandler is an abstract class that defines request handlers.
WOResourceManager The WOResourceManager class manages all resources of an application.
WOResponse A WOResponse object represents an HTTP response that an application returns to a Web server to complete a cycle of the request-response loop.
WOSession WOSession objects represent periods of user interaction during which access to a WebObjects application and its resources is granted to a particular client (typically a browser).
WOSession.PageFragmentCache Used primarily in Ajax style page caching.
WOSessionStore WOSessionStore, an abstract superclass, offers an object abstraction for storing client state per session.
WOStatisticsStore This class holds various runtime statistics of an application.
WOStopWatch Deprecated.  
WOTimer Deprecated. use the Java class java.util.Timer
WOWebServiceRegistrar Registers WebServices with WebObjects application.
WOWebServiceUtilities Utilities for working with WebObjects WebServices
WOWSDDRegistrar Registers WSDD types and services with WebObjects application.

Exception Summary
WODOMParserException This runtime exception class is thrown when there are problems parsing XML content into a DOM document.
WOPageNotFoundException This is an runtime exception thrown if a requested page cannot be found.
WOSchemeNotSupportedException Exception thrown by the WOAssociationFactory.

Package com.webobjects.appserver Description

Provides the WebObjects application server, session management classes, component classes, and classes to manage the request-response loop.


The WebObjects class hierarchy is rooted in the java.lang.Object class. The bulk of the WebObjects framework consists of several related groups of classes as well as a few individual classes.

The more commonly-used classes within the WebObjects framework can be grouped as follows:

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